This food has a story. It tells you about Rome and about Italy.
It’s a new shape, but an old cuisine.

Trapizzino was invented in 2008 by one of Rome’s most famous pizza legends, Stefano Callegari. He wanted to come up with a new way to serve classic dishes of the cucina romana, something that would make it fast to eat what is slow to cook.  
Inspired by the idea of scarpetta (the piece of bread you use to mop up the sauce that’s left on your plate), he took pizza bianca (slowly leavened Roman bread) and filled it with secondi (main courses). Trapizzino was born.
Today there are seven locations in Rome, and only one in the U.S., found on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The trapizzino is a stuffed sandwich pocket.  It starts with pizza bianca, made using a secret blend of stone-milled flour and a starter yeast that has been handed down through generations of Puglia bakers. The pizza bianca bread is baked,  trimmed in to triangles and sliced to make a pocket, then filled with traditional, slow cooked Roman dishes. Each trapizzino takes a few minutes to eat, but days to cook.

In Italy, food is a big deal. It’s like a religion. So we treat our ingredients accordingly.
We use fresh produce, and source our ingredients with care from local purveyors as well as Italian producers.  We cook everything ourselves the traditional Italian way, using recipes and secrets from home cooks. Our menu offers eight trapizzini at a time, as well as a few suppli  (rice balls), Italian wine & beer.