Old World. New Shape.

Invented in Rome by legendary pizzaiolo Stefano Callegari, the trapizzino takes time honored recipes of the cucina romana and makes them convenient for all to enjoy. The marriage of traditional techniques and authentic Italian flavors with a modern format has made Trapizzino one of Rome’s most popular street foods, with seven locations throughout the city. The Lower East Side location is the first U.S. Trapizzino.

What is a trapizzino?

The trapizzino itself is a stuffed sandwich pocket. The signature bread, called pizza bianca in Italy, is made using a secret blend of stone milled flour and a starter yeast that has been handed down through generations of Puglia bakers. The bread creates a pocket that is then filled with traditional Roman secondi (main courses), like meatballs, eggplant parmigiana and chicken cacciatora.

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