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Cucina Romana

This food has a story. It tells you about Rome and about Italy.

It’s a new shape, but an old cuisine.

Created by acclaimed Rome-based pizzaiolo Stefano Callegari in 2008, Trapizzino is an original invention that marries Old World recipes with a modern format. Inspired by a desire to serve traditional recipes in a new way, Stefano merged the triangular shape of the popular tramezzino sandwich with leavened plain pizza dough (called pizza bianca in Italy). He baked pockets of his pizza bianca, then filled them with classics of Roman home cooking.

What makes Trapizzino unique is its combination of old and new, tradition and innovation. Our product is focused on five basic traits - our secret ingredients that make what we serve the authentic Trapizzino.


Pizza bianca (plain pizza dough) is the base of Trapizzino. This “pocket” is the ever remaining constant, while the fillings change. The texture, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, is ensured through our proprietary stone-milled flour from Italy, as well as the technique and care that goes in to baking our own bread each day.


The taste and digestibility that distinguish our bread are guaranteed by the yeast, a secret ingredient that is closely guarded and kept alive thanks to daily care.  The mother yeast we use dates back over a hundred years, where it has been handed down from generation to generation of local bakers in Southern Italy.


The recipes that we serve inside the trapizzini are the result of extensive research, bringing together family tradition with the constant tinkering of home chefs. The desire to make the best possible version of these dishes lead Stefano to spend time with friends, grandmothers and friend's grandmothers - picking up the best secrets and techniques along the way.


Consider that it takes two days to make ten trapizzini. Between the 24 hours that it takes to leaven the dough and cooking the dishes low and slow, it is not surprising that each trapizzino is the product of patience and love.


We created Trapizzino to share the recipes of Rome that we are so passionate about with the world. We believe that you can make slow food something everyone can enjoy, by taking the same care that generations of Italians have put in to cooking for their families and applying that to the food that we serve each day.